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Don't lose yourself in search for "Cherry on Top" by Oh Land

It is in human nature to reach for your dream, but for some of us it becomes just another "win" in perpetual chase of proverbial "Cherry on Top". Sometimes we pay for it with lost personal lives, sometimes we lose ourselves along the way. Can it be called "SUCCESS" if there is no-one to share it with?
Singer Oh Land, a.k.a. Nanna Øland Fabricius collaborated with director Duncan Winecoff to take this vision to music video.
After 2 minutes of masterfully shot intro leads to the main theme, a melodic narrative to a beautiful visual story about ones journey and the destination - a quest for ever-elusive "Cherry on Top".

Production Notes:

  • "Cherry on Top" was shot at Alvin Ailey's American Dance Theater in New York.
  • This is second music video collaboration between director Duncan Winecoff and Oh Land. Duncan and his production company All:Expanded shot Oh Land's video “Renaissance Girls” a year prior.
  • Ballet teacher in video played by supermodel Helena Christensen
  • Nanna studied ballet for 10 years until she was 19.
  • Nana collects snow globes and there is a reference to it in lyrics "...Dream house built inside a snow globe, But there’s no one home..."
  • Young boy in video played by Drew Minard - who was playing role of Billy Elliot in the official theater production by the same name.

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