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Options in Living Room Lifestyle | Insulaire by Numero111

Whether you're traditional "seats around the table" person or embracing Japanese tatami style floor living - Insulaire can accommodate both personalities with ease and comfort.
Designed by Paris based Numero111, Insulaire was created to bring another dimension in to the living room lifestyle. It is stylish, creative and gives us options. Most furnishings in Insulaire line share multiple functions and can be used lounging "tatami style" if you prefer. Table-tops come-out to become low floor table or a tray on the sofa, cushions convert in to several support positions and lamps multi-adjust from floor to reading lamp and anything in between.
Suddenly it feels like you just doubled your floor space... in style.

Insulaire by Numero111
Designers softened modern forms with rattan style frames creating sense of informal comfort

Insulaire by Numero111

Insulaire by Numero111
Table top can be removed and used as a floor table on it's own

Insulaire by Numero111
Cushions may adjust to act as a backrest, headrest or seat-cushion.

Insulaire by Numero111
Sectional divider creates soft separation of spaces as non-imposing design element

Insulaire by Numero111
Area rug

Insulaire by Numero111
Multi-position sliding adjustment can transfer floor lamp in to reading lamp.

Images via Numero111


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