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Villas designed by Singapore based SCDA Architects exudes immediate sense of uncluttered, clean, almost Zen like modern interior spaces seamlessly transitioning to the outdoors. Feels like for the time being nature shall be your only distraction and rightfully so.

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Designed and built specifically to stand out from Singapore’s traditional, conservative architecture, Parkroyal on Pickering blends visual elements, hanging gardens, innovative layout and spectacular views - without sacrificing any one of these elements for the sake of another.

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Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam opened it's doors in January 2013

At night, with the brightly lit Sky lounge restaurant on the top floor, it looks like a futuristic lighthouse.

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Anagrama created branding and interior design for El Montero restaurant in Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico

"The best design is the one you don't notice" - case in point - El Montero restaurant by designers from Anagrama calling themselves (so appropriately) "Brand Intelligence Group".

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Design was based on white color theme allowing colorful macaroons to capture all the attention.

In Theurel and Thomas project Anagrama successfully created the ambiance of sophisticated space, like a white canvas painted whith colorful macaroon compositions.

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