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Russian designer Alexey Sorokin pushing standards in his new presentation of S/S 2013 collection and continues to break conventional cliches with every new collection.

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"Mimesis" is a reflection, a quick glimpse at Kamila's inspirations from the nature and the world of insects.

Concept for this collection came from 1996 french movie "Microcosmos" by Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou depicting life of insects at extreme close-ups in their natural habitat. It is a very artistic and unusual take on the part of nature that we come in contact almost daily, and after this movie we will not be able to see the same again.

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The natural symmetry of the two-dimensional artwork of postage stamps lends itself to her latest designs, just as the whorls and fades in a bank note provide an almost luxurious background to a piece finished in a dark brocade.

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